Flexible DC Transmission Converter Valve

Publication Date:2015-01-29


        Flexible DC transmission is a new generation of DC transmission based on voltage source converter of devices that can switch on and off, and flexible DC transmission technology is a new generation of DC transmission technology based on the inversion of devices that can switch on and off. It can be used for areas such as grid connection of new energy, power supply for cities and power supply for islands, power transaction, and the improvement of power quality, etc. It has a broad prospect for application and flexible DC converter valve is the core device for the AC and DC power switch of flexible DC transmission system;


        Flexible DC transmission converter valve can be applied to flexible DC transmission system and solve the following problems for customers:

Ø    Flexible DC transmission system covers a small area and the converter station can relocate;

Ø    It can be used to supply power to isolated small systems(offshore petroleum platforms, islands), or be used to the black start after a grid accident occurs and the system is off line,in order to accelerate the pace for the recovery of the grid;

Ø    It is applicable to urban power distribution systems so as to significantly improve the contradiction between power supply and transmission; it is applicable to the access of distributed power sources such as fuel cells, photovoltaic power generation and wind power, etc. and significantly improves the unstable effects on the grid caused by its intermittency and randomness, and greatly improve the operation performance of the distributed grid-tied converter.

Ø    The advantages on VAR compensation, harmonic suppression and line loss can save a large amount of money for grid companies and power consumption enterprises, which have great economic advantage.

Flexible DC project:

Ø  Zhoushan Multi-terminal Flexible DC Transmission Project in Zhejiang Province