Extra(Ultra) High Voltage AC Protection Device

Publication Date:2015-01-29


        800A (B) series of extra high voltage AC relay protection device is applicable to the complete sets of relay protection for conventional substation and intelligent substation power transmission and transformation engineering with a voltage grade no less than 220 kV.

        800A (B) series of extra high voltage relay protection device is a new generation of software and hardware platform based on high performance and high redundancy The visual logic development tools have realized a transparent design. For the specific characteristics of protection objects such as the grid system and main equipment, the company has developed a series of innovative technology, successfully solved such problems relating to relay protection as the quadratic saturation of fault CT outside the busbar, the detection of transformer exciting surge, the sensitivity for turn-to-turn short circuit of shunt reactor,cross-line fault phase selection for ultra-high voltage double circuit line on the same pole, permanent fault identification, accurate double-terminal fault location and so on.

        For the invention and application of new materials and new technologies of smart grid and smart substation, the application of 800 a (B) series ultra-high voltage relay protection device in the accessing of intermittent energy sources such as wind power into grid, AC/DC hybrid connection system of relay protection and electric transformer provides well-developed solutions for the effect of relay protection and performance improvement.


●      Hardware structure with high performance and high reliability

        It adopts the design model of large scale integrated circuit with a low rate of hardware failure. It uses highly integrated chip and reduces the use of components. It has low overall power consumption, It ensures a high performance, while at the same time provides the device with high reliability, low rate of overall failure and a long service life.

●      Strong anti-interference ability

         It has 6U totally enclosed case, back plug design, overall panel, isolation of high voltage signal and weak voltage signal, separate design of analog signal and digital signal, well-developed filtering and shielding measures and a strong capacity to resist electromagnetic interference.

●      Well-developed self-checking function

         It has well-developed software and hardware self-checking schemes disposed for all circuits such as analog data collecting and tripping rely coil and so on.

●      Visual protection logic development

         It belongs to the first domestic company that has achieved visual logic programming on high voltage protection. The protection of source code is completely automatically generated by software robots with a accuracy up to 100%, preventing software bugs caused by human behavior. All the protection logics consist of mature elements and components.

●      Transparent accident analysis

         Through hierarchical, modular and component design, the device has achieved three level of monitoring points internally, namely, component level, modular level and busbar level. It can monitor the date of any point within the device. After an accident occurred, the fault can be located quickly and accurately via the transparent fault playback tools.

●      Standardized specifications of information sending and communication of relay protection

        The device adopts the modeling that conforms to standard IEC61850, modeling specifications and the information sending of relay protection are in accordance with related rules of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid.

        It supports to monitor the state of relay protection equipment. The relevant monitoring information is sending out by the standard model. The device has the function of time check and time management.