Monitoring Systems for Extra (Ultra) High Voltage AC Substation

Publication Date:2015-01-29


        The CJK-8500 B/MCS-8500 monitoring systems for extra (Ultra) high voltage AC substation adopts an object-oriented design method according to the technical requirements of cross-platform. The system uses the same set of programming code and a cross-platform compilation. It is fully compatible with various operating systems such as UNIX, Windows, Linux, and so on. As for the modeling of the system, it follows the international standard IEC61850 and can seamlessly access all kinds of devices which conform to the standard IEC61850.


        The design of the system uses an integration design concept. It integrates various functions such as the real-time monitoring of substation, miss operation blocking of the substation, sub-station of fault information system and daily management of substation. It not only meets the requirements of shared system information, but also can be configured separately according to different demands so as to meet the requirement of flexible functions.

        The system has realized intelligent alarm, which implements hierarchical management. It can choose different way of alarm for alarm information of different levels, in which embeds knowledge base of expert system, it can make intelligent decisions according to a large number of alarm information, form presentation information of intelligent alarm and promote the efficiency of substation operation.

        The system has innovatively applied an automated construction technology of chart-module integration, realized full automation for the modeling of the system, greatly improved the efficiency in engineering commissioning and shortened the commissioning period.